Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, dental implants are another option to replace missing teeth. An implant can replace one or more missing teeth, giving the most natural look, feel and function. A dental implant will become as strong as your natural teeth, allowing you to chew normally again. You are a candidate for a dental implant if you have good bone support, don’t have any health issues and maintain good oral hygiene.

A dental implant is recommended instead of a bridge if you only have one tooth missing and the adjacent teeth are healthy. Placing a bridge to fill in a missing tooth requires compromising the tooth in front and behind the missing one. An implant only requires the space of the missing tooth. Dental implants are also highly recommended if you are a denture wearer and you are experiencing problems keeping your dentures in place. An implant can make your denture stronger, more comfortable and more functional. It is important to realize the role of your teeth as the first stage of digestion. People who have all of their natural teeth or have them replaced with implants, are better able to digest their food. Proper digestion allows better function of the internal organs and leads to better overall health.

If you choose a dental implant to replace your missing tooth or teeth, we will start by making a small opening in the gum and into the bone. Then the implant is drilled in. We then have to wait for a period of four to six months to allow the bone to grow and harden around the implant. Once the bone is healed, we place the post and crown and you will have a tooth that looks, feels and functions like a natural one.

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