How is CEREC used to create a Dental Crown?

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Dental crowns are essentially fabricated caps that are put on top of teeth or implants in order to protect or act as a false tooth. Dental crowns may be required for one of three reasons. Dental crowns are placed on top of dental implants in order to replace a missing tooth. They are also used to cover a tooth with fillings or severe staining or discoloration. But typically, crowns are placed over teeth that are in need of protection. Whether the tooth has a crack, chip, or has recently undergone a root canal, a dental crown can be placed to keep the natural tooth from any further damage or decay.

What is great about Dr. Antonio’s office in Eastchester NY is that she utilizes a state-of-the-art in-office restoration machine called a CEREC machine. This machine allows Dr. Antonio to complete restoration pieces within the same visit, instead of having to take molds and send them out to a lab for completion. This then would require her to reschedule her patients for a follow-up visit.

The CEREC is used within the office to make restoration pieces from strong, natural-looking materials. Dr. Antonio will take an image of the tooth, and it is then used to create the restoration immediately. The patient’s teeth are prepared and the restoration is placed at the same visit, allowing individuals to experience immediate results and improvements in their smile without having to wait for a lab to make and send their restoration back to the dentist. This allows for faster, more effective restorative pieces, and allows Dr. Antonio the chance to change an individual’s smile in one day.

If you want a seamless visit with immediate results, call Dr. Antonio of Wilma Antonio, DDS of Westchester NY today to schedule a consultation appointment. An examination will allow Dr. Antonio to determine if CEREC dental crowns are the perfect solution for you!